Personal Injury Case

Personal Injury – Settling Your Case

When a person has been injured in an accident which is a result of someone else carelessness or negligence, money is probably the last thing to care about. But in most cases the financial loss can be very high. Furthermore, medical treatment may last for years depending on the type and severity of the injury. All of this means that the person sometimes doesn’t have a choice but to seek compensation for the loss and suffering through legal system.

The US law gives every citizen the right to seek justice for his losses. In accordance with the personal injury law, every person has the right to seek and receive compensation (usually money) for any type of injury or suffering through someone else’s negligence. The amount of money varies and depends on the type and severity of the injury. Broken bones and brain damages which cause serious physical suffering are considered to be among serious injuries and thus, these injuries receive the highest financial compensation. There are some territories with the higher rate of people’s injury, such as Bronx. Because of that good injury lawyer Bronx is needed.

The amount of compensation should cover every loss that the injured person has. This includes the cost of repair, medical treatment, the cost of traveling, loss to property, loss of earnings, emotional damages through bodily injuries and so on. There are certain rules how the damages for particular loss are established and these rules are also regulated by the personal injury law.

The injured person has the opportunity to settle the personal injury claim with another party, that is with a person, company or organization that caused the injury. If the parties fail to agree about the amount of compensation than the injured person has the right to seek justice in court in order to resolve the personal injury claim.

As for time limitation, the person generally can initiate a personal injury claim within two or three years of the date of an accident. In the US, each state has the different time limitation for initiating the personal injury claim and different cases also have different statutes of limitations. Bearing all this in mind, it is very important not to delay seeking justice and initiating the personal injury claim.